the feng shui compass (luo pan)

Ask any good Feng shui consultant and they will tell you that there are no fixed cures for all positions in Feng shui. A good Feng shui house for example may be good during the time it was constructed, but in Feng shui everything is fluid. Time and things changes. Unlike science, where there are fixed answers to questions that would be consistent and will give the same result over and over, Feng shui does not. But like science, Feng shui gives answers that are very specific, at least for a definite period of time. This is where the Feng shui compass or the luo pan is useful.


The Luo Pan or (Lo’pan) uses the moving needle and an external plate full of information that is adjusted manually. This compass usually has 2 strings that cut the plate into 4 sections indicating with precision the simultaneous lecture of the front, the seat and both lateral positions as the 4 animal protectors of feng shui. There are different types of Lo’pan that differ primarily in the type of rings that they incorporate, we can find traditional models designed for the San Yuan, San He branch, as well as made especially for some particular masters’ preferences.

We can see that beside the central magnetic needle there are also several concentric rings filled with information. On them are written dispositions like the 8 trigrams, the 8 directions, the 24 directions or mountains, astrological data as the 28 constellations, the celestial trunks, the earthly branches, and many other concepts that are applied to the art of Feng shui.

Some of the informative rings of the traditional Luo Pan are used in the “Yin” field of Feng shui, which is oriented to burials and the locating of tombs. Today the majority of the masters focus their study in the “Yang ” field also known as the study of the dwelling of the living, like houses, shops, etc..


Any Feng shui design, decoration and orientation without using the Feng shui compass will only be a design preference. The orientations that are gathered and the designs and the decorations that are spent to follow a Feng shui principle will not give out its maximum effect. For some it would mean very little and with the passage of time, it will amount to nothing.

While it is true that there are eight basic compass directions, a Feng shui compass reading goes far beyond that. For example, a Feng shui reading is dependent on time. There are 24 hours in a day and so there are 24 main divisions. A Feng shui’s time frame of effectiveness is about 20 years. Multiply that and factor in the number of different floor plan layouts, and your answer to different Feng shui house types is actually infinite. Again there are no fixed cures; this is why the Feng shui compass is very important. It’s reading will determine the particular map of energy of a specific type of house or an edifice. Another thing is that the effectiveness of Feng shui will diminished and after 20 years, the energy flow that you once enjoyed will now be gone.

It may not come as a surprise that the harmony, prosperity and well being of the occupants in the house will now be very much altered than what it was 20 years ago. When the particular period has elapsed, it could be a time you will have to re-map, do another reading and realign your house to the changed direction of the energy that is flowing.


Feng shui is exact. The answers are all very specific. What often makes it confusing though is the different level of expertise of the practitioners. The effectiveness of the Feng shui reading will often depend on the depth of knowledge of the Feng shui consultant that you employ.

A Feng shui consultant who can provide readings and cure in a whiz may not often be the right consultant. When the readings are done without the aid of a Feng shui compass, start asking questions because the effectiveness of Feng shui designs hangs largely on the accuracy of the reader.

You can make your own readings too. Feng shui compass reading and by extension, the practice of Feng shui is not really a very difficult art to master; what it takes is diligence. This way you could be in a better position to know whether your Feng shui consultant is doing a good job or not. On the Internet there are many different stores to shop from. Often they are willing to provide help and instructions to their customers.

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