implementing the feng shui wealth cures

Everyone has a wealth-generating zone. The zone is according to the directions in the eight mansions formula of Feng shui. But because there are no fixed positions in the Feng shui, the corner where the wealth zone is most favorable depends on the kua number of a person and sometimes the period or timing by which the reading is determined. So before assigning the wealth zone (also known as the Sheng chi) in your home according to Feng shui’s general principles, know first what is your kua number. When the direction of the sheng chi is tapped accurately, the improvements of income and career will follow more easily. Determine your kua number here.


When the specific sheng chi zone is located you could start placing the symbols, colors and decorations that are appropriate to aid the chi in focusing its energies here. Use the bagua map during the determination of the zone and the elements that are to be allocated in the area.

Remember though that in Feng shui, nothing is very permanent. The zone that is appropriate to you during the time of reading may not be the same several years from now. Your kua number though is your personal number and it is a fixed guide. Your zones could change but your kua number does not.


The following are kua numbers and the directions that they are most appropriate in gathering the chi that is generated by your surroundings.

For persons with kua number that is equivalent to 1 the southeast is your sheng chi direction. Choose a room within the house that is located in this direction where you can conduct income-related activity.

For those whose kua number is 2, your sheng chi direction is the northeast. When you are planning wealth-generating activity, focus them in this direction.

When your kua number is 3 and are working for improvements on careers and income, you are supposed to be in the south sector.

For people with kua number 4, direct you activities in the north sector.

When you have a kua number that is equivalent to 5, the direction that is favorable to you will depend on your gender. If male be in the northeast and when a female you are in your best position when you are in the northeast portion.

Persons with kua number 6 must work their way at fame and fortune in the west. For those with kua number 7 do your activities in the northwest side of your home. 8’s will be good working their goals in the southwest while for the 9’s, you are attracting wealth best in the eastern zone.


The kua numbers are excellent gauges not only in determining your personal zones in the house. It could also apply anywhere. When you are at the office and you are a manager or have a position that has to do with finance, insist on these positions. The only glitch though is when your superior treats Feng shui as nothing more than superstitious gobbledygook. Then don’t tell. The point will not sink in.

Nonetheless, for your own and your position at the office’s sake, try to insist in the positions that are indicated by your kua number. Not only will it spell a better income flow it be easier for you in dealing with matters that are related to cash flows.

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